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 The Bullmastiff is a powerful and majestic breed with a broad head and compact, athletic body. The Bullmastiff originated in Britain in the 19th century and was developed to work with gamekeepers to guard estates from poachers Their appearance is dignified, intelligent and alert.

A natural family guardian, the Bullmastiff is a protective dog, who tends to be suspicious of strangers and may be reserved until they have had the chance to "size up" the visitor. Bullmastiffs have an uncanny ability to perceive people's intentions - seeming to instinctively know the difference between a person who presents a threat and a harmless visitor. They are mostly silent guardians and rarely bark unless there is a reason. 

With their family and friends, the Bullmastiff is laid back, high spirited, loving and loyal. They love to snuggle and lean on you, roll around on the floor with you, and sit on you. They can be very playful and often play the clown. They love human company and are not suited to being a wholly outside dog. Being a very tactile breed, the Bullmastiff is never happier than when they are in physical contact with their human family or other animal friends.

Bullmastiffs generally get on well with other pets in the family, but can be unfriendly towards strange dogs and other dogs of the same sex, so you need to make sure your Bullmastiff is well socialised and trained. 

Bullmastiff's are not for everyone, but for those who can handle the responsibility and are prepared to invest the time and love, your Bullmastiff will reward you many times over with a life of devotion and companionship. If you have other questions about the Bullmastiff breed please look at our FAQ page.

Potential Health Concerns:
The Bullmastiff can be susceptible to a range of health problems including hip dysplasia, cancer, eyelid problems, and gastric torsion (bloat), so it is important to purchase a Bullmastiff from a trusted, registered breeder who has their dogs hip and elbow x-rayed.



Description of the Bullmastiff
Height: Male Bullmastiffs range from 25 inches to 27 inches. Female Bullmastiffs range from 24 inches to 26 inches. Measured at the shoulder.
Weight: Male Bullmastiffs range 50 to 59Kg. Female Bullmastiffs range from 41 to 50kg.
Colours: Bullmastiffs can be brindle, fawn or red.
Coat: Bullmastiffs have a short and dense coat, which requires minimal brushing
Life Expectancy: The expected life span of the Bullmastiff is 8-10 years.

You can find a description of the Bullmastiff Breed Standard on the Victorian Canine Association Website. You can also access the Extended Breed Standard from the Australian National Kennel Council site.

 Below are some of the best books on the Bullmastiff Breed.

  • The Bullmastiff, Peerless Protector, by Jack Shastid and Geraldine M. Roach. Published by Howell Book House, MacMillan, USA (ISBN 087605081X)
  • The Bullmastiff Manual, by Bill Walkey. Published by Kingdom Books, UK (ISBN 1852790350)
  • Bullmastiffs Today, by Lyn Pratt. Howell Book House, McMillan USA (ISBN 087605064X)
  • Bullmastiffs, - An Owners Companion, by Alan and Mave Rostron. Publiished by the Crowood Press, UK (ISBN 1861262027) 
  • The Mastiff and Bullmastiff Handbook, by Douglas B Oliff. Published by the The Boydell Press, Howell Book House (ISBN 0851154859)
  • The Bullmastiff In Australia - A History, by Jessamy Morrissey (On behalf of the Bullmastiff Club of Victoria)

One of the most informative magazines on the Bullmastiff and other Molosser breeds is Modern Molosser. It is an international quarterly publication that you can subscribe to online.

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace."
-Milan Kundera

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